Caring For Your Christmas Tree

6 simple steps

1. Remove the netting

Once you have selected your cut tree and have it back at home, remove the netting and let the branches drop back down.

2. Cut the base
Cut about 2.5cm / 1 inch off the base of the tree using a saw, and trim off any small old wood with secateurs. This will help if you are putting your tree in a stand.

3. Start off outside
To avoid needle drop, leave your tree outside in a sheltered part of your garden in a bucket of water to keep it fresh –try to avoid windy areas and direct sunlight.

4. Set up the tree
When you’re ready to set up your tree, shake it outside to remove any loose needles or insects that might be on it. Place you tree in the stand and tighten the holding screws sot he tree is secure, then take it into your home.

5. Keep away from heat
Position the tree away from any heat source such as radiators. Heat will dry out the tree and you may lose some needles.

6. Water the tree
Put water in your stand up to where the screws attach to your tree. Your tree will use up to 1-2 litres of water a day, depending on its size and the room temperature.

Christmas houseplants to brighten up your tables and windowsills are now available

  • Christmas Cacti – traditional red flowers
  • Winter Cherry – orange berries
  • Poinsettias – festive red leaves
  • Hyacinths – good scent for your living room, kitchens or porch
  • Cyclamen – lots of flowers, good for a cool windowsill
  • Azaleas – lovely coloured flowers for a table decoration

Winter flowering plants for your garden

  • Flowering Heleborus – white Christmas rose
  • Viburnums – white/pink flowers
  • Skimmias – red flowers
  • Sarcococca – ‘Christmas Box’ scented white flowers
  • Mahonia – yellow flowers
  • Gaultheria – red berries
  • Heathers – white, pink or purple flowers
  • Symphoricarpus – snowberry
  • Callicarpa – purple berries
  • Winter Jasmin – yellow flowers
  • Cornus – yellow or red stems

For further tips or advice, our garden centre staff are on hand and always happy to help – speak to James, Nigel or Justin!