Gardening in February

1) Sowing seeds inside – sowing seeds such as ‘Sweet Peas’ now will give them a good head start for the season. Varieties such as Bouquet Mixed, Perfume Duet and Galaxy Mixed. Once sturdyplants of approx. 4-6cm, they can be planted out under a cloche or put in a cold frame in larger pots.

2) Veg seed if conditions are good – parsnips, swede, broad beans and onions. Shallots and onion sets are now in stock. Seed potatoes are now in (see ‘January’ for details)

3) Fruit trees – Prune autumn flowering raspberries – cut all stems down to ground level. Start mulching fruit trees and finish winter washing fruit trees.

4) Flowers  

  • Dahlia tubers are now in, there are many different types: Pompom, dwarf varieties for pots. Larger flowered (dinner plate) sized flowers.
  • Begonia tubers – mixed colours available.
  • Lily bulbs, Iris, Gladioli, Nerines, Lily of the Valley, Anemone, Ixias.