Bedding and Patio Plants

Extensive seasonal ranges start with early coloured primroses and finish with Autumn and Winter flowers supported by small evergreens, heathers and bulbs.

In between is our great Summer selection of quality plants for your tubs, hanging baskets and beds. Choose from an inspiring rainbow of bushy or trailing types to give your garden reliable colour all season long. Look out for planting kits and pre-planted baskets.

See our seasonal section for topical highlights.

Hardy Shrubs

This core all year- round section is laid out from A to Z also has some plants grown on to a larger size.

Our range offers foliage in different colours and many are evergreen, often giving a permanent look to your garden. Many have a great display of flowers at different times of the year.

Some will grow larger to fill spaces and give screening or can be grown against a wall or fence.

Hardy Perennials

This section has an all year-round range but we also have extensive topical displays to help you choose colour through most of the year.

Hardy perennials provide the most varied range of plant height, spread, foliage texture, flower shape and colour. This breadth is well represented in our large selection.

This group mixes well with other categories like grasses, roses or patio plants.


The most well known and loved flower and for good reason. We have a carefully chosen selection of healthy good value plants.

There are traditional large flowered varieties, ones with an ‘old fashioned look’, others for patios or growing on wall and fences. All in colours of many shades.

Some are named for memorable occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays.


This group is good for giving structure and shapes to gardens and maintaining year-round appeal.

We have a large inspiring range, specialising in some more unusual dwarf forms.

Look out for different colours and textures, some bushy, others for ground cover and many change colour through the seasons.


These plants are not only grown for their individual interest but to cover wall and fences.

Some will require trellis, mesh, wires, obelisk or other plants to climb up, others are self- clinging.

Widen your choice beyond the climbers section by selecting from our shrubs, some of which with pruning or training are great on walls or fences – ideal where border width is limited.

Soft Fruit

Growing your own fruit gives satisfying results with extra flavour straight from the garden eaten fresh, cooked in deserts and jams or from surplus stored or frozen.

Choose from our selection of strawberry and rhubarb plants, fruit bushes (e.g. blackcurrants gooseberries and blueberries) or fruiting canes (e.g. raspberries and loganberries).

Fruit trees include the classics from apples and pears to cherries and plums.


In gardens, large and small, trees often make the most impact, giving character and enjoyment straight away and over many decades. We have a great range and help if you need it.

Different habits are available including traditional branching, weeping and columnar. We also have a selection grown so the head can easily be trimmed for small gardens.

Additional interest is given through the seasons by flowers, fruit and foliage colour. The environmental benefits of trees are also topical.


This collection includes many small perennial plants grouped together for their small size, height or spreading habit.

As well as traditional rock gardens, alpines are also good for planted sinks and shallow pots as well as ground cover and front of borders and ponds.

Some plants in other sections make useful additions for example dwarf conifers and smaller shrubs.


In season we stock an extensive range for you to grow, harvest and enjoy. These include leaf and root classics (e.g. sweet corn, carrots and salad crops), various peas and beans and fruits (e.g. tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers)

Look out for more unusual veg. like pak choi, sweet potatoes, pumpkins and heritage tomatoes.

Some early crops will require some form of frost protection and later on others like peppers will give more reliable yields under cover.