Gardening in July

1) Plants

Good time to look for Roses, not only can you see the colours, but you can check how good the scent of the flower is before you buy one. – Roses require a good amount of fertiliser each spring and summer. This will encourage good growth and ensure plenty of good blooms/flowers throughout their flowering periods. Use a known fertiliser such as ‘TopRose’

2) Vegetables

Potatoes: Look at digging up some ‘First Early’ varieties which were planted early in the spring. Check that the plants have had flowers before lifting and only lift from one end of a row to see how larger they are.

Runner Beans: Water runner beans regularly to help the flowers and beans grow well.

Sow – lams lettuce, rocket, spring cabbage, radishes, pakchoi and spinach.

Plant out winter brassica plants, sprouts, kale and purple sprouting.

3) Ponds

Use ‘Barley Straw’ to help promote clear water in your pond.

Check your fish are healthy and your pump/filter are working well, as fish will need plenty of oxygen in the water in the summer months.

Top up pond water with some water from your water butt as evaporation will happen during the hot summer months. If you need to use tap water and some dechlorinator to the water so the fish will stay healthy.