Autumn tips for your garden

Planting Trees & Hedges
It’s a good time of year to plant trees and hedging plants – the soil is still warm, with plenty of moisture for the roots to grow well.

Use ‘Bone Meal’ when planting to make sure the trees/hedging have a boost of feed in the spring. Bone Meal takes 6 months to breakdown and become available for the plants.

Plant wallflowers now for a wonderful mass of spring flower in March/April/May

Clean Decking
Spray your decking with a jet wash or use Path/Patio Clear to remove algae, moss and slime, then rinse off with a hose pipe.

These can now be emptied and cleaned with a wash of “Jeyes Fluid” disinfectant. You can then can either leave it empty and clean ready for next spring, or use bubble wrap insulation to help over winter, for tender plants.

For further tips or advice, our garden centre staff are on hand and always happy to help – speak to James, Nigel or Justin!