Gardening in September

1) Winter Bedding Plants
Now is the time to start looking at what plants are available for winter baskets with a liner of coco fibre or moss and even a wool liner. Use a good hanging basket compost.

2) Flowering plants
– Miniature flowering cyclamen (red, pink and white flowers)
– Winter flowering heathers (pink/white flowers)
– Winter flowering pansies, violas and polyanthus

3) Foliage plants
– Pony tail grass
– Cordylines euonymus
– Variegated ivys
– Hearts tongue fern
– Heuchera (bronze foliage)
– Gaultheria (red berries)
– Small golden conifers (lemon scented Cypress)
– Lysimachia (golden foliage)
– Lamiums (variegated foliage)
– Ajuga (trailing foliage
– blue flowers in spring)
– Dwarf chrysanthemums (white, yellow, pink and bronze flowers available)

4) Tubs
Use winter ornamental cabbages for good effect with winter pansies around the edge. You could try a theme of herbs such as Thyme, Rosemary, Golden Sage
– these produce lots of scent when put by your back door.

5) Bulbs
Use for underplanting in tubs and baskets to add extra colour to your flowering schemes.
Bulbs to use are:
– Crocus’s
– Hyacinths
– Dwarf narcissus
– Dwarf iris
– Dwarf tulips

6) Lawns
It is now re-seeding time for tired looking lawns, with morning drew and cooler evenings. Patch in areas that have died back and are worn out. Use a general fertiliser such as grow more to help the grass seed in its early growth. Protect your lawn with netting to stop pigeons etc. eating the new growth.